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How to optimize an image for your website? Optimize an image for a website is one of the many factors that affect the SEO Score for your site.

What is “Optimize an Image?”

To optimize an image, first, we need to know, what it is. Optimizing an image is a process wherein the size of an image is reduced as much as possible without sacrificing its quality. This is also important in terms of SEO since Search Engines don’t “like” images that have a huge size.

Why Optimize Image for Website?

If you have a website, then you clearly want people to see it. One of the rules of SEO is that you should NEVER use an image with a bigger size than the recommended 100 to 300 kb.

For example, you want Google to read your site. The search engines read your site for what it is. This includes all texts and images. But since the size of your images is too big, it takes a long time to load, and search engines understand this, thus flagging your site as a bad site due to its slowness to load resulting in Search engines lowering the ranking of your site.

Big Image > Slower Loading Speed
Slower Loading Speed > Google notices
Google Notices > Lower SEO ranking

Therefore you should optimize an image for better rank in Search Engines.

Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

How to Optimize Image for Website?

To optimize the image for the website, there are 3 steps that we can do.

Step 1 – Using Paint App to Optimize an Image

Take your image and edit it using Paint. If you don’t have an image yet, go to Pexels. They have a lot of free to download images you can use on your website.

In this example, you can see that the size of the image is 3.66 Mb, That is way bigger than the recommended size of 100 – 300 kb.

Optimize an image

Open your selected image on Paint. Then go to Resize, then select Pixel on the pop-up tab.

Optimize an Image

Here you can reduce the dimensions of the image by typing a lower value on the horizontal or vertical type box. After doing that, check on the lower part of the screen and you should see the file size being lower.

Optimize an image

As you can see here, the size of the image has been reduced significantly which is a good thing for Search Engines.

After checking, save that file and then upload it to your WordPress site.

Step 2 – Using Compressjpeg to Optimize Image

If you need to compress the image further, use Compressjpeg. Its a free-to-use image compressor service that does not require downloading the app itself. It’s all on the browser.

Just simply upload the image, let the image be compressed, and then download. It’s that simple.

Step 3 – Use ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Optimize an image

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is a WordPress app that optimizes your images automatically as you upload them to your website while at the same time, protecting the quality of your image. You can use it for smaller websites without pay. later you can pay for it if you need to optimize more images. You can also use other related software as long as it will help reduce your image file size.

Just install and activate the app on your WordPress admin page. Then go to Media then Library and find the image you want to optimize and click “Optimize now”. And that’s it! Shortpixel automatically starts to optimize your images for you.


And that is how you optimize images WordPress. These steps can be really useful especially if you are just starting on your site, and want to have a good standing with search engines. Of course, there is a lot of image compressing apps out there that you can use. There are just what we normally use here at WebContempo and the results were great.

Having an image with great quality is awesome, but it can be somewhat useless if no one sees your site because of it. Therefore, optimizing images is just as important as the quality and relevancy it provides.

See the video below to see how all steps were done.

If you have any more questions, contact us or post a comment below and we will answer your concern.

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