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Here, we will talk about how to delegate GoDaddy Access on your account so you don’t have to do it all.

As a website owner, surely you have encountered some issues regarding your account especially on GoDaddy. Most of the solutions to these issues involve a more advanced and complicated process that involves an input of a professional web developer or web designer.

Giving your personal details to a person you have not met is very risky. It can involve your account being hacked or on the worst case, accessing your bank account details, PayPal accounts, and more.

Luckily, GoDaddy has a delegate feature. What this feature does is that you, the owner, can give a person, of your choosing, access to your GoDaddy account without having to share your sensitive information.

But, how do you delegate GoDaddy access to your account?

With that in mind, we have come up with the idea to create a tutorial explaining in detail how to delegate your GoDaddy account.

How To Delegate GoDaddy Access On Your Account?

First of all, you need to have a GoDaddy Account of course. If you have not selected hosting for your website, you can contact us here and help you out in choosing the best hosting for your website.

Login to your account and on the top right-hand side, click on your account drop-down and open account settings.

Delegate GoDaddy Access

Once you have reached your profile, scroll down and click on “Delegate Access”

Delegate GoDaddy Access

On the delegate access page, as you can see, there are two columns. One with “Accounts I Can Access” on the first column and “People Who Can Access My Account” on the second. What you want to click is “Invite to Access” on the second.

Once you click on invite to access for your account, there will be a popup box that will emerge. Here, input all the necessary details regarding the person you want to access your account.

If you look closely at the pop-up box, there are three selections.

  1. Products, Domains, & Purchase
  2. Products & Domains
  3. Domains Only

If you trust the person you have delegated and want him/her to manage your products, purchases, and domains, basically everything regarding your site, then select the first option.

If you want that person to access your products and domains only, choose the second option.

And lastly, if you want that person to access your domain only, choose the third option.

After entering the name and email of the person you want to delegate, and choosing your desired option, click on the invite and that person you have selected will receive an email notification regarding the delegation invite.

Note: If you invited someone to access your account but your invitation isn’t accepted within 48 hours, the invitation expires.

Alternatively, if your web developer or web designer is done with their respective task, you can remove the account by going back to the delegate access page, then click edit on the selected account you want to remove.

And that is it.


And that is how you delegate GoDaddy Access to your account. With this feature, you can assign a person to do some tasks for your websites without sharing your personal account and other sensitive information.

Our suggestion is to determine first the task to be finished and what is the level of access required to accomplish said task. In that way, you can avoid giving full access to your account for a task that can be done with a domain only access.

If you have any more questions, contact us or post a comment below and we will answer your concern.

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