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Here we will share with you the top 5 Directory WordPress Theme of 2020.

Believe it or not, you have seen a lot of listing already. Booked a vacation? Travel sites show listings. Buying a car? Car selling sites show listings. Buying a house? Real estate sites show listings.

See a website that shows different services of different sites? That’s a listing. Yelp, Google My Business, Bing, HubSpot just to cite some examples, are listing sites.

As of this moment, you probably have the idea that you want to create a listing site. Well, you are up against big-name sites, but don’t be discouraged. Have you ever wondered why there are so many listing sites out there? Because some, if not all, of these sites, lack design and creativity.

That is why we have these Directory WordPress Theme. These themes understand the need for the design and visual impact of directory sites in order to attract more and more visitors and potential customers.

Enough said, let’s take a look at the top 5 Directory WordPress Theme available today.

Top 5 Directory WordPress Theme


1. Listify

WordPress Directory Theme

First on our list is Listify. What’s great about this theme is their sense of style. The visual impact of the theme is really great along with its simplicity.

You don’t have to get a degree in designing just to acquire a great design from the theme. They have pre-installed style kits that offer a wide range of designs.

Some of their features include a Drag & Drop Feature, Locate Me, Demo Imports, and a lot more. Check out Listify to see the full capabilities of this theme. In addition, check out their demo to see the theme in action.


Demo Theme Page


Price: $69


2. ListingPro

WordPress Directory Theme

Next on our list is ListingPro. This theme was already great before and with the ListingPro 2.5 update, it became much better.

This update include their usual features with the addition of a whole lot more. Some of these features include Multi-Criteria Ratings, Lead Form Builder, Events Calendar and more!

One more thing about these theme is that you don’t need to pay for plugins for it to work. You read it right, These theme is a WordPress Directory solution that let’s you build directory listings without any paid plugins. It’s that great!

If you like what you see, we suggest you check out their live demo on the button below to see the site in real-time.


Demo Theme Page


Price: $69


3. DirectoryPRO

WordPress Directory Theme

Number 3 Directory WordPress Theme is DirectoryPRO. DirectoryPRO was first released on 2013 with a unique theme concept. To easily set-up an online directory portal. Now 7 years have passed, and the theme have received a lot of additions and improvement.

All of these updates just to improve the user experience while using the theme. Some of their top-of-the-line layouts showcased today are half layouts, fullwidth collapsed layout, standard fullwidth layout and a lot more.

Check out their demo page to see the different designs that you can integrate to your site.


Demo Theme Page


Price: $69


Are Job listings more your thing? Then Jobify is for you. These theme showcases different styles a job board need. This styles often required a high level of coding skills.

But worry not. This theme has done the coding for you. Their excellent designs can be imported with just a single click. Just select your preferred design, import, and you are good to go.

Other than that, this theme can also Create Your Job Site in Minutes, Integrates with Resume Manager plugin, Integrates with the Listing Payments and a lot more. Check them out!


Demo Theme Page


Price: $69


5. Motors

Last on our Directory WordPress Theme list but certainly not the least comes Motors for WordPress. If car dealership and other motorized vehicles listing is more your thing, then this theme is for you.

Some of the template they offer are for Classified Dealership Networks, Car Repair Service, Boat Dealership and a lot more. With a lot of choices to choose from, you can most certainly get that look for your website that you are looking for.

To check out some their demo designs, click on the link below and see for yourself the wonders of this theme.


Demo Theme Page


Price: $79



And those are the top 5 Directory WordPress Theme available today. You can check them out individually if you click on the demo button of each item.

Each theme has a strength and weakness. So choose the theme that best match your preference and the style of listing site you have in mind.

To see the complete list of the different themes and many more, click here.

If you have any more questions, contact us or post a comment below and we will answer your concern.

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